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What to Expect at the CMR 2024 Conference

January 11, 2024

The annual SCMR conference is an event that we eagerly anticipate each year. The forthcoming edition promises to be especially exciting as it expands beyond the traditional boundaries of the SCMR membership. For the first time, the SCMR, EACVI and ESCR are coming together for a joint hosting of #CMR2024, fostering a new level of collaboration and knowledge exchange within our community.

Cohesic Has Completed a SOC 2 Exam

September 28, 2023

Cohesic recently announced the completion of our latest SOC 2 examination on August 15, 2023. But what does that mean for us as an organization—and for our customers?

Predicting Heart Failure Admission With CMR-Based Phenotype and Electronic Health Information

September 9, 2023

This study by Cornhill et al., from the precision medicine research group led by Cohesic CMO and co-founder Dr. James White, demonstrates the potential of combining patient-reported health status, data derived from Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (CMR) imaging, and electronic health information. Using data collected from 1,775 patients with chronic systolic HF, they developed a predictive model to identify which patients are at high risk of HF hospitalization and predict their time to hospitalization.

Overcoming Barriers to AI in Medicine

September 8, 2023

For those who have spent considerable time in the healthcare sector, headlines announcing groundbreaking machine learning models from leading technology organizations like Google and IBM are hardly new. However, a closer look reveals that these are more often cautionary tales than success stories

SCCT 2023 Recap

September 1, 2023

With the annual SCCT conference fading into the rear-view mirror, we wanted to take a moment to review some of the highlights, and to celebrate the incredible work that the CCT community completed this year.

Dive into Myocardial Perfusion and Stress CMR at SCMR's Mid-Year Meeting in Washington, DC

July 18, 2023

It feels like it hasn’t been long since #SCMR23 took place in San Diego, but just like a beating heart, the SCMR doesn’t stop pumping! Join your fellow CMR colleagues this summer at the Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR) Mid-Year Meeting, focusing on stress CMR and quantitative myocardial perfusion.

What to Expect at the SCCT 2023 Conference

July 12, 2023

SCCT 2023 is set to deliver a diverse range of programs that promise to enrich your knowledge and skills. Here are some of the sessions that have caught our attention, and some helpful advice for navigating the conference.

Articles of Interest: Assessing AI Research

May 18, 2023

Healthcare systems worldwide are facing mounting challenges as treatment decisions grow increasingly complex due to the prevalence of comorbidities. Concurrently, research exploring the application of artificial intelligence models in healthcare has surged, producing intriguing results which many researchers claim will pave the way to personalized healthcare.

What to Expect at the SCMR 2023 Conference

January 12, 2023

If this is your first time attending SCMR, here’s some things you should get excited about!

Cohesic COO, Dr. Christine Lorenz, named Fellow of American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering

February 22, 2022

On February 18, 2022, it was announced that Dr. Christine Lorenz, Cohesic Chief Operating Officer has been elected to the College of Fellows of the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE). The AIMBE College of Fellows is comprised of the top 2% of medical and biological...

Article of Interest: Small changes in heart failure pathways lead to lasting improvements.

February 13, 2022

The exhaustion of health care resources caused by the COVID-19 pandemic amplified existing inefficiencies in health care pathways. During the second wave of the pandemic in the UK, there was a 41% decline in hospital admissions related to heart failure (HF), and a 34% decline in heart attack...

Articles of Interest: Best Heart Research Paper in 2020 and Underdiagnosis Bias in AI Decision-Making Models

December 25, 2021

This week, we look at the Heart Best Research Paper Award 2021 for the best research paper published in the journal Heart in 2020. We also see how AI-based decision models can underdiagnosis under-served groups, an important issue if we are to achieve both efficiency and fairness from our decision...

Articles of Interest: Hydrogels, Flu Shots, and AI for Prescreening of Heart Failure

December 19, 2021

This week we look at how a new hydrogel promises to help repair dynamic tissue, why flu vaccines benefit cardiovascular (CV) patients, and how artificial intelligence (AI) systems can assist in prescreening for heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF). A New Hydrogel Shows Promise for...

Articles of Interest: Cardiovascular Implantable Electronic Devices | Stress CMR with Prior Myocardial Infarction | Recategorization of Anti-inflammatory Drugs

December 12, 2021

Physician Training and Maintenance of Competency for Cardiovascular Implantable Electronic Device (CIED) Therapies An article published by Yee et al in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology (CJOC) summarized the recent report by the Canadian Heart Rhythm Society (CHRS) Task Force on CIED Implant...

Articles of Interest: AI-Enabled CTA Radiation Reduction, the Future of Drug-Eluting Stents, and Explainable Auto-Encoders

December 5, 2021

Deep Learning Image Reconstruction reduces radiation dose by 43% in CCTA scans.A recent study by Benz et al published in European Radiology compared a deep learning image reconstruction tool (DLIR) with a conventional Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction-Veo (ASiR-V) and produced some surprising results.

Articles of Interest: Interactive Chest Pain Tools, CMR Imaging Biomarkers, and RBM20

December 2, 2021

New guidelines for the evaluation and diagnosis of chest pain has officially been released, and we were pleased to see that cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging (CMR) has been well represented with Class 1 or Class 2a recommendations for CMR in all...

CMR In the 2021 AHA / ACC / ASE / CHEST / SAEM / SCCT / SCMR Guideline for the Evaluation and Diagnosis of Chest Pain

November 8, 2021

The 2021 AHA/ACC/ASE/CHEST/SAEM/SCCT/SCMR guideline for the evaluation and diagnosis of chest pain has officially been released, and we were pleased to see that cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging (CMR) has been well represented with Class 1 or Class 2a recommendations for CMR in all clinical scenarios.