Decision Intelligence For Cardiovascular Imaging

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Optimize Your Imaging Service.

By using cardioDI™ to upgrade its diagnostic service, a cardiovascular imaging service with 5 physicians performing 1000 CMRs and 2000 CCTs per year could provide an annual ROI of up to 4X. Beyond direct cost savings and increased revenue, cardioDI™ generates high-quality data assets that can be used to create new revenue streams, increase research productivity, and further optimize your service line.

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    Streamline interactions between administrative staff, technologists and physicians through integrated communication tools, linked to role-based work lists.

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    The value of a diagnostic report can be measured by its ability to communicate actionable findings to referring physicians. cardioDI Enhanced Reports provide precise, clear and standardized communication.

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    Provide actionable insights with data-driven reporting. cardioDI provides a novel, highly accelerated approach to diagnostic test interpretation.

Data Driven Insights

cardioDI collects, cross-references and encodes data from a rapidly expanding community of partner vendors, delivering a new level of cross-vendor standardization and data-driven reporting. Visualize data when and how you need it: to impact care for individual patients, unlock associations for specific diseases, or identify trends in large-scale populations.

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Natural Language Generation

cardioDI eliminates the need for manual text entry of case findings by generating natural language reports in real time, as you click through the graphical workflow.

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Intelligent Exam Planning

From the time of referral, cardioDI allows you to incorporate referral indications, patient characteristics and past exams to ensure the most efficient and value-based evaluation is performed. Configurable to your site’s needs, our intelligent system streamlines exam planning, helping your protocols meet societal recommendations.

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Automatic Report Generation

cardioDI allows you to provide predictable, high quality reports to the referral community, assisting them to make clinical decisions efficiently. Seamless integration is available with your institution’s health IT solutions through industry-standard HL7 communication, providing report access throughout the healthcare network.

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cardioDI MR

cardioDI MR was developed in collaboration with leading CMR practitioners to enable expert-level workflows and interpretation at every CMR practice. CMR-specific indications, protocols, and findings ensures you deliver maximum value from each CMR diagnostic test. We have partnered with industry-leading advanced visualization and post-processing vendors to ensure quantitative data are seamlessly consolidated into cardioDI, enabling rapid, evidence-based interpretation of imaging results.

cardioDI CT

cardioDI CT provides specific workflows and Deep Knowledge interpretation for cardiac CT (CCT) imaging. Our revolutionary CARAT™ diagram allows you to graphically interpret coronary CT angiograms and score heart function, coronary artery lesions, and anatomy, improving communication of key findings to the referring physician.