About Us

At Cohesic Inc., we seek cohesion across all points of health data access and entry for the best possible patient care. We combine data science, deep clinical knowledge, and elegant design to ensure that all stakeholders can be confident in their decisions, whether they are clinicians, executives, or patients.


Our mission is to empower clinicians with actionable data so that they can make more informed diagnostic and therapeutic decisions. We achieve this mission with our Decision Intelligence (DI) products that enhance enterprise health IT systems by providing end-to-end workflow solutions with integrated decision support.


We envision a future where physicians and healthcare executives fully understand their patients and practice so that they feel confidence in their clinical decisions, leading to better care.


Today's healthcare is complex. Physicians must deliver high-quality, value-based care, but resources are scarce. They lack access to all the information they need to make the best clinical decision for their patients. It is challenging to efficiently gather, communicate, and act on healthcare data across stakeholders.


Decision Intelligence harnesses cutting-edge data science to inform care, reduce uncertainty, improve communication, increase efficiency, and accelerate research. Our platform provides both the Intelligence Infrastructure to capture high-quality data during the process of care and the Intelligence Augmentation tools to improve clinical decisions. The result is standardized workflow for healthcare professionals, better data to support clinical decisions, and better care for patients.